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Read this: Manifestos The (Lack Of) Vision For UK Media

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Manifestos The (Lack Of) Vision For UK M…

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Hello welcome to the media podcast think of us as your very own Media club, I'm Matt Deegan on the industry the next government that we looked at the manifesto launch this week.

What's on the programme paramount still speaks the suitor after a deal with skydance goes South what next for the owners of Channel 5 plus.

We speak with Matt say with the co-founder of platform media about the recent acquisition bipod ex-strictly in another controversy the Inside Story on the evening Standard game weekly and in the media quiz we talk Off the Record that's all to come in this Edition podcast in the news this week tributes have been paid across the media to Dr Michael Mosley who found dead on the Greek island of Simmy and he was 67 his work on TV for channel for BBC sounds and the Daily Mail meant he was known to millions and now Channel 5 bases decision about the forthcoming.

Moseley which was due to air soon a child for investigating another tragic death that's a producer of John Bolton who taken his own life a few weeks after working on their true crime series in the footsteps of killers and the evening standards Tristan Kirk was also the winner of the Paul Foot award on Tuesday we celebrate investigative journalism in the UK is reporting into the quartz candle holder in a single Justice procedure, which weekend known as sjp.

No doubt the annoyance of Sarah Jessica Parker well with me in the London studios at least a link up to discuss this week's top Media we welcome back JK no not going to reply but take cancer from deadline.

Hello Jake hello.

Hello not the globetrotting pop star now.

You haven't got a selection of travelators under your home office the media and the sadly not I wish so busy.

Just seen a piece that you publish today on deadline about Clive myrie, what you been up to? I mean this is a sort of thorny issue that.

Is its head occasionally with the BBC news presenters other presenters of the BBC like to moonlight and do some extracurricular work usually speaking and there's a well-trodden speaking circuits for these individuals on my own good money doing it and command fees of £10,000 and some of the engagement Shahi does usually that pretty uncontroversial in fact.

They're sort of design that way all bookings are off by BBC managers, but what I want to do is just dig into it a little bit and it's quite common for a BBC presenters to go and speak for investment companies Asset Managers so I wanted to just take a bit of a step further and look at the Investments that some of these companies are making and whether they are tied up in any controversial Industries

Industries that are linked to ongoing events and in the case of Clive myrie, he spoke another times for quilter and quilter has investment in a fairly significant defence manufacturers a company called RTX which used to be raytheon and BAE Systems which are well known to a lot of both of whom have links to supplying Arms to the Israeli military and people I've spoken to have said that they that may is sensory perception of risk to impartiality and they have been questions about Clive myrie, judgement.

He's not the only one and Naga Munchetty has taken on similar work in the past as well understand that but it's quite small investment that the company having in those firms.

I mean they're there.

I mean you have the numbers and get in your P60

30 billion out of investments and this was in the 50 million like it was quite a small investment know is it up to Clive myrie to know every investment that this company is making small or large.

I absolutely we've been transparent about the figures.

They are small Investments I think so I tried to think about this if I was a BBC enter the expectations of BBC presenters are to be as impartial as possible and I think that extends beyond just a thought practical application of incorporate perception as well and I think Tim Davie has been very very clear about that.

It is one of his key priorities and I therefore think it has down two people like Clive myrie, who is now argue be the BBC's highest profile news presenter and if I was tired my rear be thinking well.

Yeah, we know that there can be controversy is about the way.

Invest in companies particularly whether a controversial Industries of play and should I be checking on their Investments before agreeing to take on a big fat and working to present or to moderate sessions for them all these companies are interlinked by looking at your sister company South by southwest they've just had the same as you you have has sponsors that are RTX in by and a load of people who go to that event because this one don't need companies only just all parts of everyone's life.

We can't force Clive 22 only do very very specific things have no controversy.

What's the weather outside and if you could doing something yeah, I mean he's perfectly entitled to do that and my story is not saying you shouldn't be doing it well.

I'm certainly not saying that I'm just pointing.

Is facts and I think the Genesis for this was yeah, we've seen a huge controversy over Baillie Gifford and its sponsorship of literary festivals many of whom drop Baillie Gifford because of its links to your fossil fuel that includes hay festival.

So this is topical your I wanted to trace a line between some of the issues and whether they may present issues for the BBC which allows is presented to engage in this kind of extracurricular activity on the subject of famous people in the media room white the Arts and Media corresponds to the I newspaper and showing drones with follow me, but you've been talking about someone quite powerful as well in last drop today at the standard.

Let me take a deep dive into the decision to access the daily print edition of the evening Standard which was announced a couple of weeks ago.

It's now going to come out once on a Friday there's going to be a kind of beefed up digital side to it.

The people work on a very sad City the size of London couldn't sustain a free daily newspaper so we were looking after my dad who owns the stand and talking to some SR4 the rounds in people who have worked for him people do work for him to try and find out a little more about what's going on there and why that decision was taken and what we kind of found out was that this was a decision that Lord properly describe had agonised with over over years even since covid when the Standard circulation began to talk about the fact that it's so there's no great surprise, but the paper was losing money piece of metal on a cash into it to have a lot more cash than maybe he has now yes, it's not actually clear.

How much money is a leopard f amily still has there been under a lot of pressure is all rush and business people are and he had to bring in outside investment support in the Saudi investor who bought a 30% stake in the standard as we understand it that outside figure was also quite influential and saying.

Can't carry on like this with the standard.

It is losing millions of pounds every year that print side is never going to improve and you have any need to make a decision about it's future UK media operations and everyone thinks it's because they're gonna have influenced.

Just want to make it back or too late mate.

Yes investor relation to discover whether he was or wasn't a member of the royal family go to very clear that he's not and that's what's come out these connections to the state back, but it's not actually a member of the royal family, but still you think the prospect of increasing their equity stake in the paper like that at the time of the government as was was about to put a new rules which would restrict sovereign Wealth funds and overseas government authority steaks in newspapers.

It always feels a bit stuck here now.

He needs outside investment into the paper but Saudi investment is an area now.

She can be very difficult for Media owners to look to have Russian and Saudi money is in.

The brilliant one if you're trying to build a builder Media business Wi-Fi on the Tube and maybe a little bit over a good sometimes I feel quite a good job with the Independent taken up from an analogue business into into additional should I can do the same tricky getting well? I've got his people are kind of be optimistic about you know that was a bold move for the Independent I work there when the Independent went online only and I've got rid of the print edition and it has worked is very proper usually lost making title for many years so something could happen with the standard, but what they are going to need is some serious investment in the journalism this process they going through now.

It's going to lead to understand about two little real staff leaving now.

You're not going to be able to cover a city like we've had London being the centre of this election campaign will it start as sorted out Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn you know she's like child poverty and

You really expect the standard to carry on being at the centre of those stories if they just turning out web stories that are of global appeal not particularly london-based and they can't go for a paywall model.

I think they're not really up for that digitally.

How are they going to get the investment and the journalist should have a title or a wee past that now.

I think we should always Lament job losses.

It's never easy thing having said that I literally can't remember the last time I picked up a standard even though it's presented to me at train stations in your hand.

Yes, and that's because we've got this miraculous singing I'll pockets and you can get all the information you need on there and I think it's inevitable that the evening Standard has suffered as a result that the election you mention the election there did you?

What's the Sky News debate on Wednesday night? It was really interesting lively format.

I think Sky News has done really well.

I think I think Sky News is generally having a good election actually it's coverage has been vibrant and fun and slightly different to what we seeing Elsewhere and last night was it was a great.

How did the rating for ice figure that out on the same night at the interview with Rishi Sunak on ITV that didn't had a very good rating is a thing you must be really politics junkie.

What's the just in time for the yes the two been so well tell you that you've seen it a week in advance at the same.

You know you've got Nick Robinson interview in the SNP leader and the Welsh

The time at 7, it's a bit like that Blackadder episode where you have to go to to to dinner parties at the same time and between the two about GB news on this might be the GB news election and the right wing and right wing stars.

We haven't seen him in the mix is the dog that didn't bark all the barking dog that didn't bark beetle beforehand Ofcom that you can talk to all the media and explained that there was a GB news.

We're gonna be very tightly controlled during the election even giving Nigel Farage the ability to actually being is it and still do this program it now would feel extraordinary if he was on every night at 8.

You know telling you to go for a reform so but it actual fact the loss of Farage and Jacob rees-mogg and his kind of tent poles the GB news schedule at night has made that it has lost a lot of influence because if you want to see Nigel Farage what you done all the other channels well isn't a lot less now perhaps after the initial a splash of his standing because the Broad

To keep within the limits of where the polling average parties and Performance till about 11 percent, but it feels like GB news and you're not an outsiders broadcast election it feels much more like that the traditional broadcasters are leaving the print typist stories have been dropped on the front page still having their employees.

Do you think that is party resources issue, and it's quite hard.

You've got a really be on the trains going to be play going to be talking to people I mean cameras in places.

They just not resolved well enough to be in all the places.

They need to be there about an inside of a TV news would like it's true.

I mean it's clear you took me hear the news BBC News talking about the cost of providing thorough coverage of an election.

You have to pay to get on the battle bus it's something that you may not be able to do with all the individual candidate.

I thought you I mean it's all the treading water at the moment hasn't really benefit.

From the closure of of Talk TV as I'm saying it's you two of its biggest presenters in Nigel Farage and Jacob rees-mogg, have been off for more than 3-weeks now, so I don't think that the other really intriguing thing.

I think was that GB news polling suggested that its audience with break for labour.

Which is not necessary play the tone of the output on TV news, so I think that's an interesting Conundrum for them to keep an eye on in the future war of those people and what those people are interested in maybe it isn't such.

You know what is right wing in today's world.

It sounds quite a few labour shadow cabinet members are going on GB news and they giving interviews because they do understand that there are swing voters in red wall seats in the northwest where GB news.

Is you no way to reach those voters so you know if we do heading to this big charity Labour government GB news is going.

On the one hand one should be part of the Tory leadership meltdown to comment with Farage has a role in that but also is going to want to try and stay on board a little bit with the government and it has to be Ofcom rules completely having right-wing voices on it must have some political balance across the schedule.

So what do you know about manifestos in regard to media policy Jake one of the latest incredibly brand like we've had no.

We've had no big promises which is probably not as surprised to be honest.

I think you it's been really interesting reading the labour manifesto today.

There's a there's a bit of Jeremy Corbyn and brexit about it in the fact that they sort of keeping some constructive ambiguity about their position on the BBC I do think their lack of commitment on the licence probably quite telling and I think we're in a situation now where your conversations about overhauling the BBC's funding are more palatable than they've ever been I think there's

More acceptance in the industry, then there's ever been the changes probably in the air and it'll be really fascinating to see that how that plays out with the Labour government in the short-term.

I mean that that won't be until 2027 in the short-term the BBC will have to grapple with funding deals as far as labour is concerned the most recent dealer in December so I kicked open the door to annual funding agreements based on inflation and it'll be you telling as to how labour if they get into power approach those conversations whether they give the BBC a bit more room in a bit more money to play with the Conservatives Road back on on saying that again the licence fee tatling to review it.

Do you win for them? Just saying you know we're going to college and do something else we have to worry about actually I'm acting that policy the label.

It was supporting public broadcasters anything in the surprised you.

The fact that they could have raised that you know we will look and introduce alternative for the licence as a promise.

That's pretty much what they have been saying in the Boris Johnson Nadine dorries here, but the language changed on the Sunak and Lucy Frazer secretary she was the options but so that was a bit surprising that they didn't have any kind of red meat their own supporters and then the labour manifesto.

I think he just do with the lack of any commitment to any press Reform and no mention of levison to which was in the 2019 manifesto so for those looking at which newspapers might endorse which part is a lack of any commitment whatsoever to bring any mistake back press regulation will probably weigh heavily with the prices of those new yes, do you think the sun will back Keir starmer? It's what we're gathering and David Allen said he's been formally has been told by sources that that's where we're heading play me a lukewarm in Dorset is it's going to be so lukewarm you might not even notice it.

I think if you read the leader Collins at the sun so far during the campaign they are single.

Unimpressed with Labour and we know that there is a certain coolness in relations amongst the top brass and start on a personally because he sanction prosecutions of prosecutions well another battle that's happening in America this time is between a paramount and their potential acquirers the merger with Sky dance is this has been complicated? What's what's been happening with no man's sky dance.

It's a great big hot mess and I don't know if I'm going to be able to articulate clearly because it's only has been a story of so many Chris and turns it was so many months is quite difficult azure capture in a in a neat Sound by but as a messy process says a lot about the changing Fortunes of Hollywood you know paramount remains an important and desirable brand, but it's saddled with these decaying TV

And is an also-ran in the streaming Wars he knows By the Lights of Netflix and Disney meanwhile, you have Shari redstone.

Who is the proprietor daughter of Sumner redstone Media Mogul who died in 2020 and she's been somewhat resistant to selling off the family treasure and she's nuked this deal with Sky dance after months of doing this dance with them and in the process firing her chief executive overseeing the departure of for board members and bowing to sweeteners David Allison who runs sky dance and it's not very clear where things are going to go from here.

Whether she does where where the Chosen does.

A full sale of both national amusements which is the owner in Paramount or whether she does piecemeal sale breaks up the business, is it up and sells it that way it's going to be fastening and of course it has ramifications in the UK because Channel 5 is owned by paramount and is available as a streaming service in the UK as well.

Just all media types to come on.

We are you at the top family business lot of pleased with that family is amazing Brookwood Unscripted if you haven't read definitely going to get the true background.

She has got a controlling shares the voting shares a but doesn't own the majority of the company so she can't force a deal through but she needs to be looked after as well as the permit shareholders and if anybody gets a slightly better deal comes up the world to mean in horse eats the wave.

Pull the plug from the steel and put the wrong and everybody had a lot of shiv from succession energy.

It was almost pretty much from the last series so and it sort of procedures.

What could happen to the Murdoch Empire when you got family members you've got privilege level of stock and shareholders you want something different happens though.

Yeah, I think this is going to be you know the shape of things to come for Media families of the crumbling gradually go away.

Thanks both we're back with Mum meeting use after this.

picture this static cars idling engines

angry homes now zooming hospital light and breezy feeling of traffic.

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Love to go into college school you can retrain and do something let's talk about working learning saving and making the most of living longer Phoenix group is the UK's largest long-term savings and retirement business search Phoenix group?

I'm walking back now last month there was a big money dealing podcasting when products sweets into investing platform Media a podcast and social media stop the Tony existed since 2020 and chief strategy officer of platform to find out how one month in the new partnership is going ultimately what it what is a lot of peace of mind in terms of the the short-term realities of managing a business playlist because you know we the kind of transactions we do are infrequent and large and so when one of those his late.

If you know it can get small business cash flow and you don't want to have to you.

Don't have to make poor long-term decisions to facilitate the short-term outcome with whether it's making payroll or whatever but the other thing that they give us is the the

Be able to take some some really big swings in terms of entering more into the original space because it's it's quite funny really because we started we're good bad.

Rugby as a point of origin the original that was turned into a multi-million pound turnover business in its own right, but we haven't really done a lot more goodbye Ruby since the original one and a lot of effort and they don't always come off and Investment investment as well and you know we as a small emerging business.

We we we basically chased every opportunity and we saw inherent opportunities with commissioners.

We are able to work with commissioners in in different ways can ultimately our business model was and still is that we saw discoverability in marketing and commercialisation as the can a to pre-eminent challenges in podcast in large.

You know I mean certainly if you want to discover a podcast in and of itself.

If it's not on the front page rapper on Spotify all been recommended to you.

It's if we don't know if I broke effectively and that's where you know social really comes into its own particular for us and so having that as a bit of a skill set and a locker was really interesting to commissioners when we started to work with him because we would not only do a kind of commission production deal with also be talking engaging a different department of these commissioners and kind of bolting on a marketing campaign as well to try and ensure that the show was a successful and hopefully that recommissioned on this make sure my phone is a bit of a virtual server so yeah, there was this aspect of our model that with an very interesting people in the spaces and the same is true of Brands as well, because there's a lot of Brands who won in podcasts and tell us as much but you know struggle to because they don't know if there are in terms of investing in original content would struggle to justify.

Investment because they can't be sure that they will get a return on their investment because the hugely successful breakout branded shows are there not loads not loads.

We we are fortunate to make at least one of them up front with Simon Jordan William Hill the to that people talk about it was quite a surreal moment yesterday when we when we heading on the company Retreat and we're on the train out of Waterloo and we went out through Clapham Junction as I've never seen quite as long as billboard as well as the one that had three upfront which is the newest move like that show advertisements that yeah, it's that show is doing absolute gangbusters.

Tell me about the journey of platform Media where does it come from? Is it? What is it to where where are you up to the point where you got this investment the business started in covid so I was introduced to a guy called Matthew sherry.

In August 2020 he was working in a can of a traditional sports publishing company he was quite a young entrepreneur who founded the think it's still the UK's NFL publication when he was 21, Who Did That within a that was in this this portable washing group and he at the time was looking to pivot with my business towards podcast can I see that's what it was heading and what into account for it and so yeah the he had obviously started this NFL magazine Brandon scanner stuff with without much loving taste kind of in details and 54-in in a market that has really taken to predated you know.

Reading for broadcast deals in anything like that for NFL so we built this thing into something it's alright and he got the you got the opportunity to pitch to James Haskell and Mike Tindall and Alex playing around the the rugby podcast that they were taken to market tendring of a time and he put the Vision he thought of those guys.

Who is that if I can if I could build this Media brand in spell with just me a lad in Hartlepool think about what I could do with a fun World Cup winner and member of the royal family the most followed rugby player passed in history of rugby and I kind of love that 360 approach to but not just after podcast build a brand and he introduced to one another while he was opportunity and yeah, it emerged over the course of this crazy phone call that we both independently of one another had the exact same business plan based on the even like the weird.

Exact anecdotal observations of how things are moving in the US market and various other machinations, so within within 2 minutes on the phone to one on the finish each other sentences and now I can continue to sell it.

Ok if we start with that rugby podcast it was quite a splashy launch when it so that the guys are on at The One Show on Good Morning Britain and things like that promoting it and Mike has quite an expensive little black button through many reasons and he started Fielding various inbound enquiries from from people always think that you look that you're doing that was quite interesting.

What's all this about it was from not comedians and yep and entertainers and stuff at the time their work was driving up and we're looking for something to do like over the moment and we can have thought we could spend an entire production business out of the back of this.

Link approach the podcast that was taken that can expand audio video and social production company but what kind of April and the distribution and the monsters ocean company at this point because we've got this social amplification network that we use for distributing the content and if that's the kind of the backbone of our commercial campaigns and we are a team that are selling podcasts in a very different way than most most kind of networks are selling podcast because of the multi-channel approach that were taken so we don't often talk to her audio by us when when we saw the podcast campaign we often talking to partnership schemes in media agencies and stay till quite differentiated in in that sense so we can define a company that.

You could go up against any number of businesses, what is a company's weather is social policy as whether it's the likes of a cast audioboom when we responded to by it's but equally we could also collaborate with a moment's notice as well for wearing a really ruin a really interesting agnostic position where we can basically with anyone.

What is an organisation that should have Nordic based Media professionals.

Got a load of cash soda from a family kind of fun and they've been invested into lots of different companies around the world so who contacted who you got in touch.

What was that first meeting they got in touch with us and we when we first met them it would have been around the podcast show last year so yeah, we may in our Studios I think the day before the podcast show in 2023 and thankfully.

We've managed to get the deal done in time to announce just before the 2024 in.

No, and it wasn't and it wasn't intentional creation period for all the way through that do you know there was a few months where were quiet and it is interesting really because we're just about how long these things with these things take for for better or worse but when you get that first kernel of interest from anemone perspective you feel obliged to explore the market and what else is at last someone someone's expressed interest now so we better go and see what else is out there, and it just so happened at the first one, but the purchases with the right partner for that sort of Beauty Predators and that's the that's probably the thing that's probably the cautionary tale who was in a lot of faces that you'll be prepared to have a second job while you're well you doing that because the the stuff you have to do to drive your business.

Forward is not going to stop but also you can have to make.

To explore that what advice.

Would you give to them about being in that right position to have to be quiet? I'll make sure you got a time to to go through it properly and did you make sure you're ready for what it entails because it's the you know the due process is time-consuming absorbing it won't be fun for most businesses.

I mean you know and start or bootstrap business as will inevitably come from the beginning when I run something akin to a market stall yes and then retrofit process and operational structure.

I was kind of stuff on the back of it and you know the idea of going through due diligence process can be quite daunting and enough to make people go out as probably not for me a little late.

So yeah, just make sure make sure you're you're ready to go through that and and just you know ask yourself what you looking for from.

Partner for us, it was really important that we work with a lot of people and it was very important to us that we are able to continue to work with a lot of people and it would be some Media businesses out there where if we were in there stable it would mean we couldn't work with this person anymore and we want to be able to retain the ability to collaborate so products made sense for us from that perspective and various others but it kind of depends.

What your what you're looking for what we want to do is keep building the business that we've already built and and do it in an infrastructure that means it's more more likely to succeed and that's what we got we got safe Harbour for what hopefully a great great to hear from you good luck with it all.

Thanks another year to tell us.

How it went yeah great.

Thanks to Matt say would Adam and Jack are here with me and the impact.

Reindeer is still being felt in unforeseen ways Jacob and writing about the same deadline.

What's been happening and what are producers telling you so the big update in the baby reindeer sorry is that Fiona Harvey who is the real life Martha has slapped Netflix with the giant lawsuit claiming that they have defined her and they had no right to tell her story without permission and it's raised all sorts of fascinating questions about duty of care and about compliance and I think this is having an impact beyond Netflix yeah, I bought it last week that produces working on factual dramas for the BBC of which there are many including a Lockerbie series and a series.

Who was kidnapped and they're saying you we need to know more about these things we want to make sure that we don't fall into the baby play trap and make the same mistakes that happened on that show that have created this entire Circus around what has been essentially a really big hit in a better state has said this is based on a true story rather than this is a true story.

I do think that wording has created difficulties at for Netflix they've Double Down on it as well and talked about it being true story in parliament and I think it's come up with a more imaginative or at play full phrasing I don't think we'll be having this conversation right now this a repeat of some of the Crown controversy that we've sort of seen before is Netflix's compliance department not up to scratch with the crown of new that the

Hollywood never complain even if I had been doing so though much safer ground probably involved in that to make more of these real-life dramas including the their defence is quite interesting they say that care centre person would not be identified clearly.

That's not gonna stand up in court, but they're also strongly defending Richard guys who wrote the series based on his experience his freedom of speech is right to his story and maybe fighting this in the American course where the legal action has been deposited means that they can use the First Amendment lenses.

I think it also probably means I can have a lot more money will have to be sold out if they lose this case if it's going to be 4 in the American course and if she is like the Masters at the betrayed in them in baby reindeer this person is not going to give up when I got very strong Hollywood and legal team who have now taken up the case as clearly going to be a great Circus if this case goes to court if Netflix can't find a way to to settle out of court.

They don't.

Find it to settle out of court.

I wonder how long it will be before the series itself is has a new title underneath it off based on a true story because you can imagine it's going to carry on as it's Joe continues to be seen with that contested phrase on it another show that's having a bit of trouble in that department is the BBC Strictly Come Dancing at the BBC have dropped audience favourite Giovanni after weeks of stories that circulating of alleged bullying of celebrity partners.

It's something he denies controversy around dancing partners sometimes the side of the Curse of strictly in the answers are all part of the story how the BBC handling this one.

This is sort of a curse in the opposite direction you Leeds Dance partners becoming intimately connected.

Where is the nearest case you've got a wall that has broken out between Giovanni and his and his former partner on the on the last series Amanda Abbington Who

Appeared in all sorts of shows has an actress most probably messaged me Sherlock it's clear that Amanda feels incredibly about her Xperia she's called jovani nasty in an interview recently with the Mail on Sunday and Report report suggests that she has filed a complaint through carter-ruck that no authority try retiring law firm, so it'll be it'll be really interesting.

I think play the BBC's major decision that they don't want any of this overshadow the next series and that's probably why they've made a decision to to not have Giovanni as a as a professional dancer on the on the next series whether he'll come back whether the door remains open will will probably depend on the outcome of any investigation and and and

That is ongoing at the moment Adam is popular but it's a big show lot of things happen if you going to be missed.

I think so remember that Rose ayling-ellis answered.

It was usually popular people probably forget that we just see the satellite entertainment celebrity show before the Dancers this is actually very serious competition their competitive.

They do ballroom dancing.

They want to win this competition and they want to get their celebrity partner up to the level of winning and that's what makes me so kind of different is what gives you show a little bit more of a of an edge to the other shows that that you have to look at the way the BBC handles complaints against staff of electioneering or have I got 2 points should be allowed to Mark its own homework, and I think that's probably good for the BBC to have some sort of distance so that they're not people can have confidence that the complaint is made against the BBC personality that complain is is handled without it.

You know someone influencing it from within the BBC so that that's the thing that the BBC had to face from another conservative.

Quite happy with that joined the BBC this shoes with complaints we have that around here Edwards as well.

They're so the Poster Boy for it, but it's something that happened in organisations that even just in media organisations right.

We have seen waiver stories about concerns regarding professional conductive of onscreen stars in the last year or two I mean you just got to look over it Channel 4 to see other examples are dick and Angel Strawbridge let go and bullying complaint at Middleton and at the start of SAS who dares wins Channel 4 also suffer ties with him.

So this is an issue Aprilia Shiver broadcasters for sure can switch join the Strictly line-up this year.

I'm not allowed to say anything ok mate.

You know that Jake Jake would you take the dance floor? I'm going to I'm going to do a labour and maintain some constructive ambiguity.

I think he might be a candidate by the way is that as well he's going to do alright whatever happened to him.

I know the price for me.

I'm still open for any any reality shows obviously for the good of a bit of the podcast ok? Just not time for the media quiz this week.

We're playing off the record everything is a public consumption.

So this week.

I will text you both on what stories and programs are being made available to the public or same strictly Off the Record the answer by the Bee pub or are Off the Record that's what I'm looking for your buzzing with your name's if you know the answers 0jq will say Jake Adam you say Adam let's play Off the Record what channel 4 new quiz show James Acaster people person.

Jake Jake off the record it is Off the Record why is it off the record it something to do with the Fallout of the show which I cannot for the life of me a people person is it's a non broadcast pilot for my house plans for a radio station about space on the record that sounds plausible yes, this was the things that I do with fun Kids ever spin-off registration about space and Martha won.

The Guinness World Record longest ever programme controller, she's 10 had a lovely time running radio station is particularly good at it.

We launched at a sleepover at the Leicester space centre at this week.

Photos on the internet your network that was on to be dropped in return for an exclusive interview Adam yes, I'll say he probably will contest that because he's got an army of pr.

People to answer all these questions, but they certainly strong suggestion.

He did not want the story which was looking to his role in yes, he was very much looking for Off the Record and unfortunately very public.

It's looking not great for him.

Do you think this might top of him? I don't know too much about the internal Politics of the Washington Post be able to make a prediction about that.

I mean.

It's has quite a stink about it this story and as I'm sure Adam as he is denying it seriously the thing I kept thinking about when I read this is that

Call Lewis was very silly linked with very senior jobs at the BBC director-general and head of news and the BBC has been covering the phone hacking stuff in detail and you just wonder what's a cataclysmic happenings would have would have taken place at the BBC have been there and tried to suppress the story in any way.

I hadn't just bought a 7 million-dollar House in Washington do you think is going to be spending more time in it over the next few months already ride out the storm it certainly a battle of wills and we'll see how strong Jeff bezos is in the guy that he's brought in he's been brought into to make some big changes their he's slightly step back from the offence of his calls and put out a statement saying you've got to learn to listen a bit more sort of thing so he's probably got another time is the difference between kind of the UK news operations and us operations because he was suggested doing you know Media bosses Media moguls.

Covered by other media organisations generally year, did he was you thinking of get away with over there? Just seem to be quite high amount of self-regard the most great American papers at the New York Washington Post things happen organisations like reach that they wouldn't believe probably how quickly and newspapers their staff can be you know overhaul than change that are but they do like to think of themselves as being rather special a bit like the BBC is here.

So that kind of change.

I don't think you quite thought about how that's going to play out on the staff floor and it has been a top BBC job this would have been another explosion at broadcasting house with that.

There's a great point Jake as we might have had like another sort of 45-day Premiership in charge of the BBC the winner of the winner of the quiz Adam congratulations and surprise you get stuck to Netflix about strengthening our own compliance regulations here at the media podcast if you come back with that will be great.

We'll keep up with your work.

We are a massive showing turn on Twitter underscore canter on Twitter thank you both well.

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