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Read this: Hat Trick Ends Ents, WaPo Hires Another Brit, ITV Debate Review

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Hat Trick Ends Ents, WaPo Hires Another …

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Welcome to media podcast think of us as your very own Media club, I'm at Deegan on the Saturday hat trick Productions closest.

It's comedy entertainer.

What does it mean for the future of TV comedy biggest successes has to shut it operations crusty broadcasters need to diversify to survive.

We look at the Investments been away from the media to program the Washington Post nav another Brit all that party.

Look at ITN to plan to combat AI deep bakery was Andrew Neil gets stuck in at times radio reheat old formats.

That's what's come on this edition in the news this week.

The BBC's new director-general Tim Davie has sounded a red alert for public broadcasters around the world and Enders analysis on Wednesday Day be stressed the UN economic decisions the BBC make simple. audiences Disney has spent three-and-a-half billion in the UK since 2019 according to emea boss jam.

Coping with the report this week that said hi and TV spending was strong the same report found a number of film production started in this country has dropped from 41 last year 222 this year finally Warner Bros discoveries, UK boss Andrew George has declared the era of subscribers at almost any cost is over with more turning subscribers between rivals like Netflix at the phone is now an engagement and retention are the rules of the media quiz for some reason for joining me here at the London will ask that show engagement is holding strong and every episode right up until the rules of the media quiz for some reason but before he gets about turning me hear the London studios to discuss this week's top midi storage.

Charlotte from press Gazette hello, hello, it's your first time.

It is don't worry.

It's going to be ok.

I know you are not so nice with a load of celebrities getting their tiktok account hacked.

Yes back to have you ever had any of your clients tiktok hacked or anything act look weird entertainment PR agency.

We have had some dealings with people before do you know what knock knock tiktok Instagram Twitter who have on the whole been very good and very responsive to get them back on getting access back and see a lot of overtime of dealing with it is when they were fake profiles of people and they are very good at doing that of course when you're high profile person.

Maybe not so much when you're just an average person.

Instagram account situation for you that you can anybody CNN was one of those affected sofa news organisations kind of the implications of that potentially massive and obviously usually eventually people figure out that it was a hack but you could have hours where stuff going out and it's kind of completely Taint your brand for a bit and for some people it might not completely recovered moving if you wanted to make some money on the side not bad going to do it then either leaders debate on ITV did you both see the earliest mate.

Yes sing YouTube which is a afterwards that means you can avoid the and watch the whole thing really interesting the reaction after it.

Lots lots of did you manage to get all the way through household with someone he definitely couldn't bathroom water from the TaskMaster final but I did see some of their and I've seen some of you know a lot of the reaction and what's interesting is seeing a lot of the clips on chameleon actually cause I caught the beginning and the end and it seems like they were kind of quirky B like the star.

Obviously was immediately received start to bring in the £2,000 tax claim which we will heard a lot about since and then kind of you instantly Julie hasn't said you know we did have a whole taxbit planned instantly brought this happened at you know you do have to decide how to deal with that in real time and then and that is the problem with that.

I think that you know the amount of topics they tried to squeeze in to such a short amount of time really and also then they were doing his quick fire round as well one word one word answer for how are you in what instance do you go around in a meeting to decide what's going on on previous years, but as it's all TV it's sorted built for short form in some ways for 2-hours.

Just make it a long-form whole night affair will they sort of the head like an interview program directly afterwards with anishka result of the deputy political editor and I've heard people say you know that actually really well.

I'm kind of better than the actual debate so I mean the obviously thought about the whole package.

So you know if you can only get rissy and care for an hour.

How do you make it kind of a nights events still on I think they did do that and I mean 5.5 million peak about 5 million average which like the highest current affairs on all Saints the coronation last year and on ITV since the Meghan Harry interview with Oprah I think you know that is that is impressive numbers nowadays for 4 cos that's only the overnight.

That's not including like later streaming people hearing about it when you have to catch up so for 5 million people to sit down that evening and watch the day.

I do think impressive she wants to do one every week.

Do you think they both should or does it do more harm than good however I think that something that I find really frustrating as that we're not gonna have a manifesto until so much later on in this debate process.

It doesn't make sense to me.

Why we do it this way round and ice.

It would be so much more just for people to be able to digest the information or is really really good.

How about 2 weeks until we have to look at that manifesto and decide what we're going to do it.

It's such a short period of time so I think that the headlines everything that's come out of it.

They will be yeah.

I don't know anymore.

I wonder what you'll be thinking now really because I think ITV will be struggling a lot with the feedback that they've got from that and then the £2,000 I mean it was just repeat for next week which they've only confirm like she wasn't definitely doing confirm that he didn't think it was something something different format and can interested if that bend ends all they continue to push on with more telly.

Is true I mean stuff during election campaigns remember the last time the one before but Boris Johnson I think cancelled something you know like part way through in your like.

So just in the diary doesn't mean it's definitely happening as something that makes him look bad happens and I'll be like actually that is just not worth it for us, but I will you're saying about the manifest is angry, but it's not the Media's fault that the manifest is there a late so they're really doing the best to still holding onto account and get them to maybe give us as much as they can before the official manifests a little bit later on when we talk about Andrew Neil what's the news as we're just started to record a hat-trick have shutted their comedy entertainment division these people behind Have I got news for you and Mastermind we're going to still remain the shows of the past couple of years hat-trick at Prince Andrew the musical channel for that.

The times of you know Channel 4 not been commissioning and I think it's just had a real knock-on effect which is such a shame because it is you know they come out with the most iconic comedy Focus where is in the UK and obviously they've got Have I got news for you coming out in the US CNN picking that up in the run-up to the election, but obviously none of this has been enough to the counter.

You know the loss that they seem to the BBC entertainment.

What's a new world order that was cancelled last year after 4 Series 2 that mean we contacted stories about TV cutting back.

This is a commissioning lead commissioning lights.

Programming CNA advertising downturn it's the same in the news publisher market as well, so when something we hear about a lot and it's just not really picking up and caution so I think it's just yet another result of that sadly.

What's something? That's trying to balance out that drop-in in advertising was through the Guardian on Monday at where there's a growing trend of broadcasters investing in startups, but they're not doing it with cash.

They often do it with advertising inventory, so I give you some free on Channel 4 ITV extension show your business ITV soccer deal with estate agent purplebricks last week in in one of these deals make sense when you've got this Adam tree.

That's relatively recent and similarly doing investment they just on this week with a news organisation in Canada and sort of thing where you know ok advertising isn't cutting it what else can we try and then I think it I think it's very clever and I hope it works mat the radio station.

Would I get a look at the offer that ITV make two businesses that have 2 offers really there's a small version where they can have give you half price for advertising and bigger full fat version where they give you lots of types of your business today was Dave point turn off direct Response advertising things like meal boxes and that kind of stuff.

We just need people to know about your products into really cannot have any offers and seeds discounts on screen and then.

What kind of sign up so I think the certain things it probably does work really well, it doesn't be there when I used to work at a gwr back in early noughties very early noughties days did Estate investing comes in the boom and they all went bust today with hopefully I will be slightly better.

I doing this is risk-free for a for a broadcast the book have they all the stories that you would suggest so yeah ok now the Washington Post as bad the Telegraph deputy editor Robert Wynette to run the paper radio station for Brits going over Mark Thompsons gone to to CNN quite a bit of pushback locally at the Washington Post about this.

Is there going to be good news for the Washington Post is it good news for Robert Wynette as you walk into a bit of a storm this has been handled the editor.

He's just left Sally buzbee.

You know they really didn't see it coming and I think she had a bit of clash with Will Lewis the see you on Monday will had a staff meeting where apparently he eventually said to The Newsroom you're losing audience like using that pronoun and you know we lost 77 Million last year.

I can't sugarcoat it anymore.

You know something that needs to be done well, so that's why I think that maybe this is not the worst thing because clearly something needs to shake.

And he does have got a drastic plan Robert when it is gonna come but after the election and leave the main news room, then they they've got the think of it's like a second operation the opinion that separate in America but then we'll Lewis's creating week or the third new show in which like service and social media stuff for audiences that then just not reaching and haven't been able to reach and then say the Wall Street Journal editor Matt Murray he's coming in to lead an interim basis.

He will then be the leader of this third Newsham and so I am now if it'll work.

I live I don't worry just on my way home listening.

Sorry to mess you around Media confidential and Alan rusbridger and Lionel barber seem to be quite a lot of that idea is also interesting.

You know they have very uncomfortable Town Hall meeting with staff and that comes hot on the heels of a kind of similar unhappiness at the Wall Street Journal led by another Britannia Tucker for me and the times and like last week.

They had a big Post-it note protest Weatherall putting Post-it notes on her glass wall office because they're unhappy with a lot of the restructuring and cut she's been doing homework assistant.

I think you and apparently was just standing there like do you think this is help it? I mean I could talk about this all day, but yeah, I think it is quite fascinating what's going on looking some Emily bell tweets between the UK and lots of America is a little bit unhappy about the British invasion.

She was saying the reason why Brits are employed is there you?

Competitive news environment here the newspapers they used to working for strange people crazy billionaires and being a bit more can escape through a bit more soccer team Tryfan which the US papers have particularly have to worry about in the past Times Washington Post been sort of two left, so it's here to inject some Enthusiasm activity good thing that they bring to America the way that things are going here in the UK my experience as a prn.

I think a lot of people as consumers as well have just felt that everything is so click be driven now increasingly news is going that way as well.

You know we report on the same on social media as opposed to the story at the heart of it and I think that I'm sure that's already happening in the US but you know I wonder if it's going to go even more so that way I don't.

Those people for going over there and taking out opportunity opportunity just on the clickbait point.

I think it's interesting that the tea that we've mentioned already Robert winnett and Emma Tucker they have come from Two of the businesses in the UK that have done really well with subscriptions.

So you know Roberts being deputy at the Telegraph we're over the past few years.

It's really pivoted to subscription first and they have some very clever data about subscriber engagement.

They don't care so much nowadays about overall reach similar at the Times and Sunday Times and they're both profitable business so of anyone to go to those businesses and do that and try and be sparing subscription businesses in the digital world.

I think is is there probably the right you know it's not like they're just from a business models in particular when we speak to them.

Demographic is really low generally speaking older men 60 + is actually one day which is you know in the grand scheme of things quite a bit older and the fact that their digital arm.has is driving is really really that those people are picking it up digitally you know the subscribing and it what you're saying about the The Newsroom the third Newsroom that they want to you know introduced.

It is I would have a younger audience much more for socials etc.

So I'll just be intrigued to see which Avenue they go down you know the older audience.

Who do you want to turn into scribers all the social younger centre? What we do anyway and his response was doesn't work so far I mean tiktok.

When regularly so it surprises me and that since in that they were so head of the game on tiktok in early.

He's saying well.

What's it done for us? We will see you keep the faith of vaginas and keep the faith in him.

It's pretty good innings for a breakfast.

Show me up earlier that day is not fun especially when you do other things in there.

Is it is quite a long innings for a for Breakfast Show and it was something that's quite different from him and the time I think they did a really great job in Uno building that community I know a lot of people who love you know the Breakfast Show so I actually think he's an out what he's doing next.

He doesn't need money, but it just takes a big part of his time.

He said some some family coming news sad news that you want something.

That's probably affected it.

Don't think I've done to Somewhere quite a long time ago about this show and they were saying even if the figures were made as high as they used to be the excitement from agencies about Roman present made it about profitable programme very much think that you know he did that for magic as well.

So it's definitely bring that sparkle anybody think I might take on the role at the moment a lot of moving about it's tough to say I'd like to think that they can continue with that same dynamic that that inhabits.

Yeah, and I think she's excellent.

I'm I'm really pleased about that.

So hopefully I think they keep that dynamic that they have I think that audiences have enjoyed having that you know it's the right demographic is just like you no audience the music suit.set, so hopefully they stick with that range.

Don't shaken up to much I was looking after Christmas event that they did and you know they have rain in Harrogate Hasting that then raining can just do a great Andrew Neil has started his new show on times radio this week ahead of schedule had a bit of chocolate x radio so much really nasty was off 5 Live election happen in September the drive time forward to actually and they got Andrew Neil it's not grabbing a program control the news hits.

No, I guess so I kind of ended up with best of both you know I guess maybe it's not ideal when listening like know that someone like Matt Chorley is planning to leave but at the time.

He'll there is best for the election because broadcast like that.

Just love covering election, so he'll have fun wherever he is and then you've got a heavyweight like angy Neil kind of next time schedule is kind of a bay and then I think Anthony's going to have a break over someone then he's going to come back but more focused on the US elections and he did say actually for me this otherwise in the autumn.

I would have been trying to do the UK and us elections kind of same time it would have been a bit rushed.

I think now he'll be able to really Focus and use his skills that is known for doing the job until the next month.

It's about time then left.

That's my bus back to.

Rebranded and then he stayed and then the dates changed that bus has been rebranded many time you won't be driving around London in week one will go back to the time.

They have so many podcast now about the election as well and in general and Sunday Times of gone back to that a little bit.

I don't know if he's trying to after GB news is he going back to you know back to the roots a little bit make a link there? I'm 75 years old doesn't need to do this enjoys doing this has been quite a bit of encouragement for politicians and the leaders to come on in be interviewed by.

If I need a petition for your clients, would you advise they went on and straight to engineer on his time radio show me actually throughout the course of towards the election where people are going to be getting I mean I had a podcast Eva Carver so I've got my eyes on.

Where are they going to be choosing to speak on they sit in the top? I think it's in the top 140/200.

There are 33-35 podcasts which are focusing on the election right now.

You know we've got we've got the ones who have been around for a long time long time last couple years like the newsagents and then we've got new ones like this will currency put save the UK and they are now reacting so quickly two things compared to picking up a paper the next day and seeing the headlines it's reefer.

The emergency nature of what they're doing a lot more episodes coming from all of us shows some of garden daily others are doing next episodes of existing politics press, please a pocket pop up and then people doing a lot of them.

I mean did start writing a letter, but I'm interested described electoral dysfunctions haven't been around a long time for a couple of years considering only start a couple of months ago that they've already got in from what they already had the house cos she's a candidate anyway.

Yeah as you say a lot of it is the news publishers themselves.

I think it helps them do you better like more in a

Job to have non traditional music publishers as well.

Have you got to be interesting to kind of assessed after the election kind of who won who did break whether it is just like the newsagents and the rest of politics or like how many of these cos obviously people who you're probably during the election get more people who it is in politics than normally but that's still not going to be you know loads and loads of people bothered to listen to a podcast and then those people who have daily at the most people can only listen to Like a couple of days have too much content and if you are knocking out a load of episodes which one do people choose if you've only got certain amount of time does it do you become less special actually the consumption drops great opportunity to demonstrate what you do to other people?

What time is election period so do people have come for your guests will come and have a look on the election to you later on with that you see if the celebrity podcast jump into the attic space in there with Lily Allen miquita.

Oliver you know they've mentioned it here and there the rest of them to take a little bit so I think that it is just such a huge thing which is going to be happening for the next couple of weeks.

It's impossible to to move without seeing it something that impact you know politics is everything I think it's a certain degree.

If you just talking about life almost have to talk about what's going on so yeah, but it is it's really intriguing I'll be off to see what happens to these podcast after the election and you know a lot of rebranded he got newscast Richard put you know election stamp on it and will that

Pop-Tart significantly for a long time I'm not sure and what will they do with the feed afterwards? Do you want to know what can happen to those you know the audience? Is that you have it up? What's next for him? I missed last week if you want a daily email newsletter of what are the politics shows are covering on their podcasts that you subscribe to election daily at podcast good Morning News after this one is Stan how many I've always loved photography, but I I turn it into earning a living 60 day course what college.

Are you going to college school? You can retrain and do something.

Let's talk about working learning saving and making the most of living longer Phoenix group.

Is the largest long-term savings and retirement business search Phoenix group living long to transform your career with skills that will keep pace of change that we've been helping navigate to Shropshire for 175 years and it's challenges have changed so lovely in the past year we set up 15000 of our UK team with Jenny so be transformative during a human leadtech power team at we know where we stand it won't sunny disappear the rent won't go over now.

We can make plans now.

We can build a life we were lucky, but millions are waiting for social homes are being built we need to fix this generation can be proud to say we are made in social housing building social housing is the only way out of this house in emergency.

Join the fight at Macro Charlotte here with me for some more news about the Ender UK publishers taking Google to a competition tribunal in a case look for the Tech giant to pay a hefty bit of compensation Charlotte how big are we talking well the people think it could be worth up to 13.6 billion in and that's essentially the revenue they say that publishes of websites and apps lost in reverie between 2014 and 2022 because of Google's at Monopoly own ad server add x more favourably than drivers which internet properties less money hence the conversation.

It's all about the it's kind of three elements public service supply side platforms and demand side platform sole about showing programmatic advertising eventually the view is the best kind of put their thumb and little bit on the scale speculative and opportunistic and we'll opposed Presley so if it generally just go to trial which it sounds like it will be a fascinating because you have been a lot of crackdowns over Google's alleged Monopoly can I'm going in the EU and the us as well, so that's kind of a lot of a lot of Battlefront at the same time with someone when somewhere the front gates will open a lot is an opt out.

Yes, yeah.

Good point lawsuit.

Isn't it or class action? Do you know if anyone has opted out that I know of I don't think there's any idea.

Maybe the only reason to opt-out would be a few if they personally have a really strong relation to Google that they don't want to jeopardise, but the people running at have said you know they have like third party litigation funding and those have insurance so if they lose Google costs will be covered so basically saying publishers.

You don't have to pay any car, so yeah exactly what we talked about subscription when you're working with publications for them and you just let him to copy and paste them onto their websites when you ideally but are they changing how the words you said there's less people that has it changed I have to do I mean evening Standard going to weekly.

It's just another domino effect really of what's happening in the print industry.

I think a lot has.

Over the last 5-years teams are getting smaller they're busy which means that actually sometimes.

They do a copy and paste.

I find it really bad and I think that you know there's a lot said around you know it's just basically.

It's just xcetera, but not you know their trying to make profit and I really understand that a lot of the celebrity clients that we work we can be hard to kind of put across how precious some of these people are and have a bit of empathy for that.

I really do I think that in the interview slots across the board it's getting it's going tighter and tighter and tighter you know is even things on on Radio 2 a lot of the replacement presenters that we're seeing they don't have in for example.

He has his lots where it's very formulaic, but there's not very much time for you know somebody new TV show cast then you book so.

Does that and then also what we see now as the lead time for everything is getting longer and longer so they should take them longer right time to do that as well, but you know we're looking at kind of we used to say.

Oh, you know you picture broadcast like 2 weeks before or something like that.

It's much much longer now much longer.

You know we've got radio.

Where is the weekend facing until September but you know I'm not sure what the solution is because a lot of a lot of comments that you see on an you know Facebook post Twitter etc.

They're about how the medians you know just money hungry and you just need to make profits.

It's a business.

Of course it has to make profit, so I'm not really sure what the answer is there for the definition of changing focus on business model subscription the Google money with him or not disappeared same with the about the cash going to Facebook again to Google let's go to publishers.

They're going to reinvent their model as the done vacation, so whether it's for a lot of people know it's a mixture of advertising subscriptions well.

That's full pay with a slight pain will like my online events a ground for a lot maybe a mixture of consumer and B2B even even like the ft going harder online.

Professional or specifically professional audience in other people doing similar so it's really about having a combination because he won't you know we've talked about subscriptions are doing better, but probably it is a combination you need and it's about finding the balance.

That's right free to publish her cos you know one of the kind of exceptions to that is reach.

You know Express Manchester music searcher they really are still focused on advertising mainly they think that that paywalls won't work for them, but be that content should be available freely and not all proper written by journalist news content should be paid for cos that's bad for democracy units on a reach publication.

Not always the best user experience but we really trying to find the best balance and they are experimenting with some small paid for things like anyone else so as I say it's about finding balance.

That's right brand will find me just for the quiz ITN have signed a deal that they hope will protect their extensive archive from AI trawling a copper a moment and general sleep fakery way to watermark imagery and sound using the blockchain I might ask you to explain how it works really hope that mean we touch by entamoeba licencing their content and obviously worried that someone's gonna make it anyway.

I think it's very clever.

It's kind of we as you say we've done stories now about people like Financial Times in news corp doing deals with the likes of open AI this kind of the first deal with written about the specifically about protecting me archive.

And it's kind of all the things you said but also about like just proving when content is out in the world that it is real and kind of always always being out as well.

This is original content from that again, and I think it's really really good to see that happening.

It will be interesting to see if other you know even like the BBC prick sample kit maybe that would be good for that.

You know they'll have it even bigger archive on Facebook now.

There is clearly altered and strange full circle with a tick tock earlier.

Have you had to cancel prepare any celebrities for deepfake saw people using their faces or voices to do anything? I don't know if you've heard about this but there was.

16-in is a BBC wildlife presenter and so she saw adverts of herself on social channels and actually they weren't something that he signed off by she been paid for Aussie that she recognised at all actually happened is the CEO of this company which I think was a mosquito bite repellent or something like that.

They had actually been receiving voice notes that were ai-jen said from Liz Bonnin saying yes, I'd love to work on this campaign his imagery.

They were getting the real is I believe had approached on a fake Facebook account so you know it just goes to show you don't even need to be hacked.

It's just the

Someone posing as you and obviously verification is gone out the window.

No one knows what that means anymore to have a tick so you know her spoke to let you know that is essentially theft and you know they had to the company had to come out and go this is what happened.

It's it's a complete misunderstanding, but it is scary that they were using AI to create those voice notes which is another thing which is a lot of people talking about their own voices being recreate it advertised so you can be sold across XYZ space without any of your time which is terrifying so yeah, there is a very real examples as a great deadline article and I believe you covered as well and that was a really real-time thing that was happening.

She was tweeting about it going so it yeah, it is starting to happen.

So much output out there that you can use to train the models yeah, she need that much time to do it come to my wife and saying there's quite a lot of me out there on the internet of things like this if you want to it's my voice is incredibly simple to do that says about Facebook and Instagram being used the poster.

We'll put on there being used to essentially train AI and so you know whatever you've got Euan Euan a lovely holiday and your trunks still take that and I'll go right that is mad.

Yes on Holiday Inn Express z&a music try and understand how they can be smarter and be better to use my voice for mosquito commercial something to come in.

I'm sure if I write this week.

Win this game on describe a new commission for a network you tell me if it's an original idea or one based on established IP with the names of the answer is Charlotte you will say I'm better you will say let's play old or new in each episodes of The Show reveals the genetic story an individual dinosaur whose remains are currently being on Earth by the world's leading dinosaur Hunters walking with dinosaurs dinosaurs, do you think better of the brand has stolen recognition with people it's been away for a long time? Not me, but I feel I'm not there yet.

Audiences who Discovery it for the first time and for one of them.

I just don't think dinosaurs go out of all of that.

I think there is this forever fascination around it.

I think that you know as I said, I don't think I'm the the target audience for it, but a lot of people excited.

It's weird way.

I think it's the monitor gladiators like if you remember the time you'll love it, but if your kid now you'll also love it exactly Steven Knight pen feature film starring this year's Oscar award winning actor set in Edwardian Birmingham Peaky Blinders Peaky Blinders feature film beginning at shooting this summer that fan of the original show looking forward to it.

Coloured experiential version that was in Camden Town will do well.

I think sort of being a films in Berlin Studios that he's built which is the price of a new podcast from wandering aengus to take listeners into the stories behind the most iconic sporting moments.

Yes knew it is new what is it is a Colin Murray and Elis James everything to play for it.

There's been a lot of us about it.

I think it's a great pairing Colin Murray yeah.

I love Colin Murray I think he's accident on Countdown as well, and it's just been announced.

It's doing well in the top so far in the UK in the UK title for them here in the UK we really see how it goes but I think the pairing is is really strong, but we'll see how it will do that make sure that I'll win the US elections you need to go back to old episodes and you turn the blockchain Mark out an element.

So it doesn't get you text me next week that would be great.

Thank you both for joining us on the show how come he will keep up with your work press or Charlotte tobitt LinkedIn probably more active some Twitter nobody on Instagram all of all of the places and that's where everything we're doing across different types of entertainment.

Is it? Thank you.

Looking at the London podcast Studios just head to the 25% off with the code mediapad anything new to the show make sure you hit that follow button, so you get every episode and whilst your on your favourite of choice if you're able to why not give us a review of the producer is Matt Hill it was a real.

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Hopefully driving lots of every American Express was busy to help you promote your business or bring you one if they also gave your customers rewards when they spend with you you get even more.

Busy is good for business with anyone that accept Amex today.

Didn't see what clubs are we taking off on this week's run of today in history The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Wozniak of the 1800 on Thursday the history of the YMCA from the city of London to the Village People on Friday the musical Grease the word this day in history with the retrospective 10-minutes.

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