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Read this: Election 24: Debates, Lineups Scheduling Woes

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Election 24: Debates, Lineups Scheduling…

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Welcome to media podcast think of us as your very own Media club, I'm at deal on the show today is the election that called the media on the Hop we take a look at the challenges ahead for broadcasters and publishes on the programme that evening Standard is to go weekly all that plus the Edinburgh TV festival shape and we look at what's on the agenda and News UK looks to make more dramas advert IP and in the media quiz we play with the polls.

That's all to come in this edition in the news this week blink and you may have missed it, but the long-awaited Media bill has passed this week in the rush before Parliament ended up with a sigh of relief from publishers the repeal of section 40 which if elected would force them to pay both sides cost in a libel action also include the requirement for smart speakers to feature or regulated radio station problem, please.

Public service broadcasters in smart TVs and apps about that UK second biggest commercial radio group has its first director of audio and that's Gary Stein who live on the creation of Greatest Hits radio brands of several been made since it was announced that the exact Ben Cooper was to leave the company and Hollyoaks will be the first UK soap to be made available on YouTube Channel 4 announced the change on Tuesday as they came to a digital first strategy for the 30-year Old drama.

Well we at the media podcast are rapidly approaching of 10th birthday in this form changes are afoot I should say all good.

I promise but with me here in London podcast Studios today be welcome making her Media podcast debut.

It's TV and film critic Rihanna doing hello hello welcome to the show thank you guys.

What have you had your eyes on? What are you enjoying? I am obsessed with we are lady parts on Channel 4 and series 2 has just dropped it.

I'm not seen any of it, so he hasn't seen it because it means that I can then there about why they should but it's written and created directed by Nida manzoor, who did the film polite Society and it's about an all female Muslim Punk group in London it's it's just so completely irreverent and she write all the music old is original rock Punk songs with her siblings and one of their songs in the series is Malala made me do it and they actually got a cameo of Malala herself in the background of this of a phone music video on a on a plastic horse it is it's just so funny and it's never sort of lecturing or anything.

There is a social commentary in there, but it is from the perspective of these young Muslim women who are also very anarchic and it's just a little arius and the way that she had it is kind of leg right and so it's

Everything is very unexpected and there's a joke what every 30 seconds and it's visual and yeah, I really recommend.

It's absolutely and welcome back four times at BBC News and a senior director at Coulson partners hello.

Hi, thanks so much for having me here today very pleased with in the studio at the society's election primer episode still available to download and St Thomas' all kicked off.

We're off we're of much earlier than everyone to say that you know might be later in the year.

I was far from alone in fact even the prime minister gave us a good reason think it was that bit anyway.

He calls all boats and let's face it.

We're all a little bit glad.

It's going to be over in French enjoying the excitement at all, but November seems like a long way away.

July we can just about it when it was all announced.

Did you have a small paying for I wish I was back in the studio.

How much I'm surprised to hear myself so that because I did think that I would really really miss it and actually I love the Germans them.

I luckily I'm on the couple of WhatsApp groups with people with no problem or the movies days, so I can get the inside track which is excellent but organising it from BBC can be a little bit like training through treacle and working with the what is the same so actually being out of just watch and enjoy the chaos calamity and you know the serious stuff to is feels like a bit more.

Pleasure this time seem like it's all gone a bit mad from The Beginning what's your your take on on what's happening and how to how can you respond to a meteor cycle, that's so well.

I think it's true.

I see what happens actually it might experience of many elections at the BBC but also I'm sure this is true of most Media organisations of any size is that an immediate?

Kind of almost kind of craziness hits everyone and I don't know just by the way I think it's also the politicians because somebody someone kind of metaphorically throws up their arms me and runs in circles.

Really don't panic and also really do and in the end.

You've got it actually take a breath and think this is a bit of a formula Uno having done quite a few elections and the last very very close up in the end Avenue stories a formula and this is a formula and then once you've gone of works out what the big moments are actually crucially what not to get over excited about things that matter of things that don't and understanding really what the audience wants which now I can step outside and be a bit more grand about it.

I think that is one of the questions about whether we really serving you wouldn't say hello, is it tiktok election the podcast is it just the regular election?

You don't have that on my phone and they were saying it's the important thing about tiktok is its authenticity and how important it is to be honest in these videos and it just feels like that doesn't translate politics and every has the podcast election I can definitely get on board with I think there is a really smart Moves have been made around the the debates around the the kind of coverage.

I think Channel 4 of the really smart will be on to this.

I'm sure in a bit because that's why people are going now isn't it for the news about the latest up-to-date emergency podcast everything so the newsagents in the rest of politics going to have a very very busy few weeks.

I think of Alexis doing a daily election newsletter where it's run for all of the political podcast to cover it.

So if you want to go in front of stat3 is a podcast and maybe Katie going back to your old patch leaders debates.

We've got the first one announced with with a TV next week, but don't want to get out the door quickly yeah, I'm in Italy dissipates have become haven't know the kind of common currency of debate around what's going to happen and who's going to get one first who's going to get them and actually I think I've heard more about election debates my policy in the in the news coverage so far, but if got why is because it matters it matters hugely to the broadcasters absolutely that matters because of branding really you know the audience used to be huge when it first when they first happen think from memory back in 2010 combined audience something from my god.

I was about to collectively much lower now.

I think they are individually get about 45 million.

So you know they are there fewer people watch debates these days although having said that 45 million.

Is there still a

Legacy broadcast you know so it will go everywhere all over social and what does it matter for for the politics? Will it be timer for a useful punctuation mark in in the campaigns, but you'll notice that soon.

It was quite quick at the door saying he wants to do one a week and I know should believe that is true because it's because what happens if a course you could be really on your message and one a week.

It's at least a day you know in some form the planning to get to the place that you through all the in order to separate different sectors that you might need to be a cross because I don't necessarily follow, what might be in your mind that day.

You will think about what sponsors going to think that who the interview where is and how they behave obviously so so loads loads, I think about but they still there still proving interestingly 2BA

Understandable topic of debate, did you enjoy your negotiation for debates or is that something you rather never returned to get the header and anion ago.

She said that and I was very pleased to put it off but it is like doing a very complicated jigsaw puzzle especially for the BBC because you've got to put the head to head with what's becomes known as the seven heard at which in balancing programme with all the other parties then you got to think about the question time specials what the reasons are doing are we going to do sit down that one to ones with the interview, so it's not easy to get their BBC Rihanna can remember who is on the BBC line-up for this year on the BBC it's Clive myrie, and which Clive myrie.

Think is a really safe pair of hands.

I think he's really universally liked I think a lot of people will feel a lot of trust you with that.

I think I'm genuine sadness that way you're not going to see Hugh Edwards this year that seems to be the least the conversations that have been happening on my WhatsApp group and Laura kuenssberg.

Not sure she has she could she works so well on the on her kind of morning breakfast, so but I think it's going to be like a real trial of Fire somehow for her.

I wonder if she's going to be able to challenge.

I will Laura gets it from all directions to cheat a lot of other social media to the backlash to her there may be other people don't get probably that women and social media with the right player for BBC News great choice for the BBC I mean obviously really close to former colleagues as mine to refit seen them announce you know people have been wondering about what the pairing would be and how the BBC this time but I think they're up for a successful night, but a little Channel 4 good lineup for election like there was quite difficult to get that balance.

Is it funny is it?

What are there to do in music really interesting is that because they are normally that I guess because they like drawing trying to run a younger crowd and so they do sort of go for the comedy style.

That's not what people want around an election.

I think especially with this one the stakes feel so much higher than they have in recent years and there is just no there's no point trying to do this in a funny silly ways, I think that's what you done the right thing obviously the rest of politics guys so Alastair Campbell and Emily maitlis.

Play Clare Balding I know but yeah, it is.

I think he's going to bring in a lot of audiences.

I think that's what I mean the podcast election.

This is they've got their ready-made audiences Channel 4 been so clever about this because you have.

Two huge audiences there will be a crossover of calls between newsagents and rest of politics, but you know everybody is going to be interested in what maitlis and Rory Stewart D'Acampo have to say and then on top of that signing this deal with the rest of balloons where they're going to be streaming the podcast alive 6 Episode 2 the politics on Channel 4 in the lead-up to the election that is pretty good or is that some broader thoughts switch on A40 cover move agree on the election and it's a really good lineup.

I think it's right to try and be distinctive because the channels will cost is let's face it but I would I would say this goodnight, but it's true he gets majority viewing by far.

You know ITV have been quite clever in their pairing in recent years but Channel 4 and turn accent Sky News have been left behind an audience.

I meet you remember that channel 4 of course hair dye famously had a sculpture of ice on one debate on climate when I think the government wouldn't put out and there's a lot of controversy over that you know perhaps making this move.

It is more likely to attract that that certain part of the audience and I think you know the terms of cheap programming you know newscaster calls has been doing this for years.

You know we we put newscast on on a late start on BBC One several you can prove to be quite a decent success.

Yes, of course.

It's cheap because the cameras are you know there's not a lot of infrastructure, but it's a good move.

I make sense of each other for a christening as well as you know you're always in very safe hands very does get caught on hot mic a lot of other Hotmail

Anybody seen use night this week rebooted news like a bit of it.

I feel a bit about yeah.

I mean I've got to say that I think you know Newsnight I was always going to probably go in this because of the challenge in the market on audiences and I think that's cos obviously very very upsetting for lot of people there have followed news now in its previous guys for many many years but I was quite pleasantly surprised.

I thought it was it really interesting to pay they did well on the diet that story you know Mason remove that Nick what is you know absolutely first class is political editor see him up staying at news night and good discussions.

You know the question will be around investigations and when they can maintain that without films, but I think been quite good things change but the other way and go maybe a good focused half hour where they have to rethink it cos the budgets change and you got a ThinkPad in different ways.

Maybe good thing as well so many more demands.

I mean I hate to be that person but you know we we are so used to moving onto the next thing so quickly and if we know that what is actually half an hour.

We're going to get as much in that as possible that were able to really kind of quickly look I know it all for that the sort of Sound b.

E kind of conversations those are the things that travel the furthest a really great job and yeah 136 think and I feel like they you know I understood kind of the pacing of it.

I think worked and yes, it does it is Poppy and there is a very quick rotation.

I think O'Connors on which was from pod save the UK which always love to see her but then I wasn't somebody who did watch it religiously every single night and I imagine that must be quite difficult shift.

I mean it's still a very well resourced news program has got a decent sized staff.

They say the main difference is that they won't have films anymore.

It's the way the investigative element but the BBC is I think providing that across the board or more widely spread across programs sales specialist will sit and different to podcasts doesn't know that is where the bell step up doing and that's sorted by Media there's telly executions video execution.

What's the podcast stuff? So it is doable me one in radio just for the election was called there are some changes in schedules and out so much already moving from x Radio 2 5 live we sort of university people like that's a great thing for five live and quite Ball Z and that's gonna happen in September and your meal replacement time is right.

It's quite good response for them and then it all for British elections called really early because he is taking over the slot that I do the film and TV reviews on at the moment.

Means that I am I thought yeah and renegotiation it hasn't it's may be back by 2 tiny bit of it.

Go to where we started on the timing.

I'll be interesting to see if they can release them earlier, but I suspect that went what happens with we're in already, so they'll pick up kind of beginning of a new season if you ready for the new partner and just look at some other things to the election and things that would we talked about in in the election special broadcast truck support in from all over Europe for the general election all of those leisure centres at need some outside is that going to be trouble when you've got euros Wimbledon Glastonbury or happening at the same time? It's just going to be on people on results.

Friends of scheduling and booking trucks and probably sold more about the scheduling in the booking trucks will we know the trucks are needed because you can't you can't do big 0BS off my phone, but you can't pick one so they'll be funtley trying to book ahead and share.

I'm sure they will because otherwise nobody will go on here, but I suspect the supply-demand beans the cost of transfer of gonna believe this period but yet in terms of the scheduling going out to the Debate plus, what they'll be looking at is who which games are the Euros are on which channel and when you're looking we have there such a few years ago.

There was a tournament and some kind that you look at every night and you think my kind of that night in the politicians that night will the year is there on you and to an extent the Old recognise that they won't get the audience if they're up against the big match you know so you really are doing dancing around.

Lots of other things which reminds me of my classic night of went over to other restrictions were brought back in and we were fighting against one of the I think it might have been strictly final but it was it was one of the big three supposed and waiting for Boris Johnson to write his speech reintroducing covid regulations and cancelling Christmas actually I'm trying to avoid moving strictly cos no one moved strip.

Yes, so the prime minister footballs been bumped for the first ITV debate over to ITV for standard is going to see Staley publication and move weekly you're in about London if you want picking up a standard order pick up your phone on the Tube pick up the phone the other day.

There was a standard in front of me and so I did if it's if it's literally.

Play Hands I will read it but yes otherwise.

I'm I'm not saying it makes sense and it you know I unbelievably I could 6-years on it.

They said where they had losses 60.

It does make sense to move to another platform.

Of course it is kind of devastating for everybody working in the media that physical Media is just dying on.

Its are the other day that their kids are always their favourite thing in the favourite tree is to get a magazine quite a cheering thought they had independent and they moved out into an online publication which is exactly but I suppose that's because there are so many other options.

I don't think you're necessarily your first idea if you're looking for news is to go online to find all the evening Standard is saying that's the only issue.

Remember the Old Bus timetable bus the Metro once on the first day of Metro when they sorted it out, but I thought this would be a decent thing.

They took a load of ad agency people onto the tube in the morning of the everybody was holding up a metre reading it and that was like the big fella that you've got to be involved in there this time they said this is the killer is Wi-Fi on the Tube network and are quite a lot of 5G on the Katie right time to rest up a Danish bakery capital many many many years and actually great paper as well, and is he in London it's massive massive world's capital city and to lose its main paper.

Is is Hugh shame but as I said I'm afraid to do the sign of the times and you can use newspaper in Austria a facing huge challenges since I think it's probably inevitable will be back to talk Edinburgh TV Festival line-up security job and UK and of course the media quiz after this.

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Nazi occupied Europe in the midst of a series of bruising losses 120 men parachuting on A Daring assault the result the most British commando raid of World War II operation biting from the number one best-selling historian Max Hastings and history operation biting by Max Hastings out now welcome back Rhiannon ktl back for some more news in brief the first speakers for the Edinburgh International TV festival including Clarkson's Farm exact and the woman in conversation with Jane route.

Will I am on AI and him behind my CCTV licence in the 90s ask any other question? What would it be who to pick? I think it would be wonderful Fields

Is that so much for my area? You know how many tail Fargo dopesick some dramas out there and he has he seems to have a special with The Handmaid's Tale really tapping into stories which you know which really resonate with what's going on in the world but in a very incredibly Quay so I guess I'd ask them about you next horrific subject you going to tackle in a really hot house way around for so long TV executive normally last long the re-emergence after coloured knocking out friends and sign Felton Dr and cheers longevity in TV it means that you can't see the ups and downs they've seen all of the trends.

They know they're not so quick I think to react to have major allergens.

Will I am talking about AI is actually the thing that interests me the least he's out FYI is for your ideas and it's so what is it like? I can't even describe this in and wattsapp a bit maybe a bit like slack A B and B share in your creative ideas at work and you can I think that's a pop-up like creepy of the past the head of the Edinburgh festival so I'm excited to see what that program will look like in it's entirety and Katy Jayne route commission the original reboot of Top Gear which will not be worked on the clocks that should make quite interesting conversation.

I would have thought and very very.

Really quite gripping and it's interesting to watch his career go from top get through to Clarkson's farm and it to be such a success in in that form on a I think it's interesting actually that the festival is just putting that so so so from and sending you know.

What does it say about the state of the industry the creative ideas that might come out of it and what TV will look like in the next couple of years UK have advertised for development exec that contain newspaper IP into TV dramas Rihanna do you know what prompted this? What is the Guardian struck a deal? I think back in November with Sony which yeah? I mean obviously it's to do with the sort of Mr Bates vs.

The post office and how vital that was for getting this incredible story which had been which had been out there for a long time, but finally getting into the public consciousness and now you.

I didn't perhaps even a little bit more mindful when we reading when I certainly have been about you injustice is there going on and have been going onto such a long time and wondering if that one will be made into a drama, but there's also that very cynical thing.

I mean that even inside number 9 last couple of weeks ago.

They you know there's a bit it's on BBC2 there's a bit where they there's a potential murder that might have happened and someone the first thing is somebody says I will just be a Netflix documentary will I be in it and there is an element of that of some of like you know mining 4th is really quite tragic stories that depends how they know if it is about your in the public interest.

I think that that can work really really well, if it is just more of exploiting personal tragedy.

I think I think we are probably going to be really quite exhausted by that in a very near future.

This is what was keep everything for yourself.

Keep it for the Sunday keep it for the next edition have all these media companies.

They got to think about IP and third parties and getting their natural source to the place as well.

It's about making money and said survival really and then there's you know we've seen what's happened to the advertising market as well and television as well a lot on the Bates at the Mr Bates vs.

The post office interest no, I think I'm right about this.

They haven't actually made that much money on it, so I would imagine that make any decisions are really love stories that will sell beyond the UK and across you couldn't really get much more England about the postal service and so you can see the kind of natural read-across, but you know it's a look at the papers.

You think the blood contamination story going to be the next one.

You know there is she said it Rihanna there's going to be ones that you just think that would make a good tail and you know the human interest is always been where you go and

Play something if you look at how crime and and and human nature stuff, but particularly crime is represented on certainly Netflix but now on BBC iPlayer it's presented as not news, but when you ask it and when you think about it for a second actually is news you know and and documentary but it's it's presented and turn it too much more drama presentation clever actually no more help the views.

Do you think the group jumping in the Daily Star Netflix special just started by the way by The Economist ok? I think I might say that it was a small line in The Economist and someone very clever at the star read it and turned it into an actual which I want to be that person or maybe you know they are looking for candidates that watching the potential in the story going from letters to a feature film might be his next step or her next at yes.

See more of that headline loosely translated into making you tell me what the media election story is Polish pollsters right to Barton with your name if you know the answer so reality will say to you say let's play Polish posters.

Ind law poster advertising is to be a candidate for the Tory Party he used to the LBC to pull himself bored as an MP election takes place today Friday he's not so far said which party standing for I get for a swimming with conservatories on it has been a bit.

He's one of the council elections, but he sort of a Lefty Tori I think and is Tunbridge Wells and she lives.

Yeah, I was having a look at the he's got a chance of of keeping that I mean I live in Sevenoaks and it is a Tory hold pretty much always remind Laura Trott maybe that's the point points do you think

Huge figure for LBC incredibly popular has been there for a very long time very very good broadcaster, but they're not short of broadcasters on LBC so good luck to him.

Yes good luck.

I hope you come on you tell us.

How all went interviewing all these are the constituencies basically candidates from all of the constituency for the election someone from every constituency for polling day 650 month.

Like I would like to do it.

Hopefully we'll hear that he's a party.

Do you think you can keep it interesting enough for Citroen interviews for the public right? So that's the point of peace the final one.

Let's have a headline.

Telegraph today with the Telegraph to do what to say who they are voting for essentially in the election they come out and do they go always the time the sunrise tobacco winner.

They have not been particularly pro Labour going to say that I think they are traditionally very good at moving to know when a person has been quite low coverage, but this isn't in the last few weeks and and you got a wonder how late do they leave it to decide when the when the winner.

Is clear but you know debate also to whether it's a good idea for papers 20-22 back Little Party is although.

There's a long history for it.

I think they back them.

Don't know whether they say, they do not know and I think people who read them know exactly what and who they reading so actually sort of thing is a moot point.

Let me know as you just said that so yeah, I don't think it really matters OK well that makes you Rihanna on when they can go to lessons you have to get through 650 newspapers to get their positions for next week.

So so good luck with your from about 9:30.

I'll be on the Radio 5 Live every other Thursday maybe like three more times before before that show ends.

Katie pipers breakfast show on ITV doing film Theory TV reviews at the moment and I can't keep up with you or Twitter and find me at Coulson partners for some excellent advice lovely, thank you.

Thank you so much today.

Thanks Chris remember 25% off your first booking at the London podcast studio 20 record are show every week.

Just use the code Media pods head to a Vet London podcast studio Stockholm 25% off when you use the code Media pod and if you're new to the show remember to hit follow on your apple troisi get every episode for free money is not digging the producer was Matt Hill it was audio production next week.

My social homes set me free mechanic that kept in with every unfair eviction every move to some unfamiliar is a place which I know I can see me again.

I was lucky but millions are waiting for social homes that are being we need to fix this generation to be proud.

We are made in social housing building social housing is the only way out of this house in emergency join the fight at nazi-occupied Europe in the midst of a series of bruising losses 120 men parachuting on A Daring assault the result the most thrilling British commando raid of World War II operation biting from the number one best-selling historian Max Hastings

Operation biting by Max Hastings out now what historical events are we taking off on this week's run today in history well on Monday we look back at the leaf that the government publish to give us all safe for the event of a nuclear attack to Jamaica for the anniversary of Bob Marley state funeral with a child bride who also turned out to be his cousin on Thursday we discussed this and more on today in history with the retrospective 10-minutes each weekday, if you get your podcasts.

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