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Verified details of local TV services

Yellow background indicates services that are on-air.

Muxtiplex LBT
Freeview channel: 7
  • Divis (Northern Ireland) LBT-H
    C30 528m at 5000W from 29th September 2014

Big Centre TV
Muxtiplex LB

Freeview channel: 7
  • Brierley Hill (Dudley, England) LB-V
    C29 179m at 200W from 31st October 2014
  • Sutton Coldfield (Birmingham, England) LB-H
    C51 433m at 10000W from 31st October 2014

Brighton and Hove
Latest TV
Muxtiplex LBN
Freeview channel: 7
  • Whitehawk Hill (Brighton and Hove, England) LBN-V
    C54 171m at 400W from 8th July 2014

Made in Bristol
Muxtiplex LBS
Freeview channel: 7
  • Bristol Ilchester Crescent (City of Bristol, England) LBS-V
    C30 96.6m at 20W from 22nd September 2014
  • Bristol Kings Weston (City of Bristol, England) LBS-V
    C30 138.1m at 20W from 22nd September 2014
  • Mendip (Somerset, England) LBS-H
    C51 591m at 10000W from 22nd September 2014

Cambridge Presents
Muxtiplex LCB
Freeview channel: 7

    Made in Cardiff
    Muxtiplex LCF
    Freeview channel: 8
    • Wenvoe (Cardiff, Wales) LCF-H
      C51 384m at 10000W from 22nd September 2014

    Muxtiplex LEH
    Freeview channel: 8
    • Craigkelly (Fife, Scotland) LEH-H
      C30 311m at 5000W from 30th June 2014

    Muxtiplex LG
    Freeview channel: 8
    • Black Hill (North Lanarkshire, Scotland) LG-H
      C51 576.6m at 5000W from 2nd June 2014

    Grimsby and North Lincs
    Estuary TV
    Muxtiplex LDN
    Freeview channel: 7
    • Belmont (Lincolnshire, England) LDN-H
      C27 463.6m at 5000W from

    That's Surrey
    Muxtiplex LGU
    Freeview channel: 7

      Made in Leeds
      Muxtiplex LLS
      Freeview channel: 7
      • Beecroft Hill (Leeds, England) LLS-V
        C56 197.2m at 20W from 22nd September 2014
      • Emley Moor (Kirklees, England) LLS-H
        C56 565m at 5000W from 22nd September 2014

      Bay TV Liverpool
      Muxtiplex LL
      Freeview channel: 7
      • Storeton (Wirral, England) LL-V
        C30 109m at 60W from 30th June 2014
      • Winter Hill (Bolton, England) LL-H
        C56 572m at 2000W from 30th June 2014

      Muxtiplex LW
      Freeview channel: 8
      • Crystal Palace (Greater London, England) LW-H
        C29 324m at 20000W from 31st March 2014

      That's Manchester
      Muxtiplex LM
      Freeview channel: 7
      • Winter Hill (Bolton, England) LM-H
        C56 572m at 1000W from 1st October 2014

      Made in Teesside
      Muxtiplex LTS
      Freeview channel: 7

        Bay TV Clwyd
        Muxtiplex LCH
        Freeview channel: 7

          Made in Tyne and Wear
          Muxtiplex LNE

          Freeview channel: 7
          • Pontop Pike (County Durham, England) LNE-H
            C56 447.5m at 5000W from 22nd September 2014

          Muxtiplex LNR

          Freeview channel: 7
          • Tacolneston (Norfolk, England) LNR-H
            C57 263m at 10000W from

          Notts TV
          Muxtiplex LNG

          Freeview channel: 7
          • Nottingham (Nottinghamshire, England) LNG-V
            C50 175m at 100W from 27th May 2014
          • Waltham (Leicestershire, England) LNG-H
            C26 442m at 5000W from 27th May 2014

          Thats Oxford
          Muxtiplex LOX

          Freeview channel: 7
          • Oxford (Oxfordshire, England) LOX-H
            C51 295m at 10000W from 22nd December 2014

          That's Lancashire
          Muxtiplex LPR

          Freeview channel: 7
          • Winter Hill (Bolton, England) LPR-H
            C56 572m at 1000W from 1st October 2014

          That's Berkshire
          Muxtiplex LRG

          Freeview channel: 7

            That's Salisbury
            Muxtiplex LSP
            Freeview channel: 7

              Estuary TV
              Muxtiplex LYO
              Freeview channel: 7

                Sheffield Live
                Muxtiplex LS
                Freeview channel: 7
                • Sheffield (Sheffield, England) LS-V
                  C55 287m at 100W from 22nd December 2014

                That's Solent
                Muxtiplex LSO
                Freeview channel: 7
                • Rowridge (Isle Of Wight, England) LSO-B
                  C29 299m at 10000W from 22nd December 2014

                Bay TV Swansea
                Muxtiplex LSA
                Freeview channel: 7

                  The York Channel
                  Muxtiplex LYO
                  Freeview channel: 7


                    Details of local TV bidders

                    Belfast: Made in Belfast, NvTv,
                    Birmingham: Bham TV, Big Centre TV, Made in Birmingham, YourTV Birmingham,
                    Brighton and Hove: Latest TV,
                    Bristol: Made in Bristol,
                    Cambridge: Cambridge Presents,
                    Cardiff: Cardiff Local TV, Made in Cardiff,
                    Edinburgh: Edinburgh News Network, ETV, Made in Edinburgh, Metro8 Edinburgh,
                    Glasgow: Glasgow TV, GTV, Made in Glasgow, Metro8 Glasgow,
                    Grimsby and North Lincs: Estuary TV,
                    Guildford: That's Surrey,
                    Leeds: Leeds TV, Made in Leeds, NORTH, YourTV Leeds,
                    Liverpool: Bay TV Liverpool, Made in Liverpool, Metro8 Liverpool, Our-TV, YourTV Liverpool,
                    London: LONDON LIVE, London8, LondonTV, Made in London , YourTV London ,
                    Manchester: Made in Manchester, Manchester News Channel, MCR TV, Metro8 Manchester, That's Manchester,
                    Middlesbrough: Made in Teesside,
                    Mold: Bay TV Clwyd,
                    Newcastle: Made in Tyne and Wear, Metro8 Newcastle, NEON-TV, YourTV Newcastle,
                    Norwich: Mustard, NR ONE,
                    Nottingham: Notts TV, Television Nottingham,
                    Oxford: Oxford 8, Oxford 8 Live, Thats Oxford,
                    Preston: Metro8 Preston, That's Lancashire,
                    Reading: That's Berkshire,
                    Salisbury: That's Salisbury,
                    Scarborough: Estuary TV,
                    Sheffield: Metro8 Sheffield, Sheffield Live, YourTV Sheffield,
                    Southampton: Mark Southgate, That's Solent,
                    Swansea: Bay TV Swansea,
                    York: The York Channel,

                    bold - selected, italic - bidder, strikeout - not selected.